With our intelligences we make a difference!

Multiple Intelligence International School is a progressive international school that offers programs from Pre-K to 12.

As a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS) we are committed to being a premiere international institution that embodies best practice and global trends in education.


To foster the holistic development of students and their multiple intelligences, through meaningful learning and a culture of respect, to enable them to be leaders in the 21st century and global citizens who will use their intelligences to make a difference.



We believe that every child is smart. In MIIS, your child is the center of our curriculum and our programs will enable them to succeed both in and out of the classroom

Dr. Howard Gardner

“It is now more than a dozen years since the Multiple Intelligence International School was launched; congratulations on your thriving enterprise over that period I had the privilege of visiting the school a few years ago and was impressed by the energy, motivation, and thoughtfulness exhibited by students, staff, and parents. Of the many “MI schools” that I have visited over the years, the Manila-based school stands out in terms of the care which the program has been conceptualized and carried through.”


“MIIS, more than an international school, has kept alive the pioneering spirit in various key areas. The school initiated educational reform in the Philippines through the introduction of the multiple intelligence framework, youth entrepreneurship and financial literacy from Pre-K – 12, empowering the youth through social action programs such as the Kids and Teens Can! Movement, and embedding Sustainable Development strands in the curriculum and through projects such as the Cambantoc Reforestation, #4GreenPh and Green School Movement.”


Smart for All. Internationalism. Excellence

Give your child the opportunity to discover their limitless potential through progressive international education based on Multiple Intelligence framework by Dr. Howard Gardner.


Give your child a smart start by bringing out every child's unique intelligences.



Grades 1-4
Programs for Excellence help give the foundation for excellent hands, hearts and minds.



Grades 5-8
Ready to Lead programs help bring out the LEADER in every child.



Grades 9-12
Ready for Life program prepares your child for success!




Leaders and Entrepreneurs Who Make A Difference


MIIS students are empowered to apply the skills they learn in the classroom in solving real-world problems and use their intelligences to make a difference in the wider community.


Intelligence is for ALL.
Leadership is for ALL.

MIIS helps develop the excellent leader in your child. All students are given the opportunity to lead in their own unique ways and apply their intelligences towards innovative solutions for real world problems.


MIIS is the pioneering basic education institution to advocate for youth entrepreneurship in the Philippines through embedding the entrepreneurial mindset in the curriculum from PreK-12.


7 SHS InternshipThe MIIS Mentorship Program gives students the opportunity to discover their passion and purpose and hone their skills through rigorous programs that places emphasis on excellence and work ethic.


MIIS has committed itself to the vision of a greener future for the next generations. Students are empowered to lead as sustainability ambassadors.


MIIS is a dynamic school community that embodies the ideals of internationalism, interculturalism and embraces the positive diversity of its populace. It aims to include in its community, students who are aspiring to holistically develop their intelligences, as well as, the mindset, character and skills to be excellent leaders for the 21st century who will use their intelligences to make a difference.

Application forms are available in the MIIS Administrative Office.


Questions or comments?
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Find out about our exciting activities for SY 2016-2017!



The Multiple Intelligence International School Football Team is the 1st Runner Up at the 5th Merlion Cup Born 2001-2002 Category held in Singapore. We are proud of you!

#MIPride #MIFootball
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Brrrrrr.... it's cold in here! Grab your MIIS Hoodies. Kids and adults sizes available at the main bookstore for PhP1200. ... See MoreSee Less

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The Multiple Intelligence International School Fencing Team reaped many awards at the 4th Xavier Cup. The team shone in both individual and team events through their discipline and commitment to the sport. We are proud of you! #MIISFencing

4th Xavier Cup January 28, 2017
Xavier School, San Juan

Individual Events

1. Boys Saber Under 12
Gold - Keonn Davies Gener

2. Girls foil Under 12
Bronze - Yelena Martinez

3. Girls foil Under 9
Bronze - Jiwon Song

Team Events

1. Under 9 Girls foil
Gold - Svet Martinez, Jiwon Song, Patriese Santiago, Victoria Malvar

2. Under 12 Boys foil
Gold - Keonn Davies Gener, Lorenzo Malvar, Faber Cabrera, Luis Guevara

3. Under 18 Womens foil
Gold - Anica Abaquin, Francine Mamba, Poala Andres

4. Under 12 Girls foil
Silver - Yelena Martinez, Marina Carbonell, Gabrielle Bautista, Mariel Quizon

5. Under 9 Boys Foil
Bronze - Antonio Manuel, Sidney Peralta
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Anne Uy Gamboa
Mom of Summer, K2A & Autumn, Toddler A
She was invited to mentor the kids in preparing grow food during the kinder 2 theme on Food. She is a wife, mother and a business woman, but always places her daughters’ needs as top priority over other tasks.

I've always believed that the task of educating our children is a responsibility not of only the teachers that we entrust our kids to but is first and foremost a responsibility of us parents. When I received an invitation to conduct a simple cooking activity for Summer's class, I was elated. It was exciting to be part of an activity in her class, even for just a few minutes.

On the big day, I was very happy to see Summer beaming with pride seeing me there inside their classroom. It was also very encouraging to see all her classmates to listen to and be part of the cooking activity. When I asked for some volunteers to help in preparing the ingredients, everyone's hands went up with little voices enthusiastically saying "Me, me" and "Pick me!". It was hard not to give everybody a chance, so everyone eventually ended up doing a little part. I felt amazed being with these kids that it made me want to become a preschool teacher :P .

I greatly appreciate MIIS' mentorship program. It gives the kids a chance to see a grown up's world and more importantly gives me an opportunity to show my daughter that I am interested in and want to take an active part in her education.
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Happy Chinese New Year!

Thank you to our parents who took the time to visit us in school and share about their family traditions during the celebration of the Chinese New year.
We are grateful to Mr. Tyrone & Mrs. Abigail Uy and to Mr. Johnny & Mrs. Mitch Uy for preparing fun activities for children. The kids learned about why the Chinese New Year is being celebrated, the Chinese Zodiac, Chinese New Year greetings, costumes and food. The preschoolers enjoyed tasting tikoy, watching the dragon dance & the fireworks, and receiving ang pao!

We wish everyone good luck this Year of the Rooster!
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MIIS Professional Education for Parents: Mr. Dino Juan

Being street smart means having the ability to efficiently deal with potential dangers or difficulties. Parents’ first instinct is to shelter their children from any peril and keep them from venturing into the big world all by themselves. Though this could be considered a useful parenting approach, it can lead to raising children who cannot take care of themselves in case of an emergency. Thankfully, last January 14, Mr. Ferdinand Juan, or Mr. Dino, as he is fondly called, carefully laid out tips on raising street smart kids for every significant age level. He shared his knowledge on how the children can be ready to face possible situations thrown at them by the modern world. It was emphasized in his informative talk that children need to be exposed to various experiences and helpful knowledge for them to be safe and prepared. The parents and teachers alike also became very interested in how to keep the children safe in case of big emergencies. As everyone was very eager to get more information from Mr. Dino, it sure seems like there will be another opportunity to work with and learn from him in the future. -Teacher Mimi, MIIS Faculty
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MIIS Professional Education for Parents: Mr. Francis Kong

Francis Kong's talk on smart and Practical parenting was both fresh and insightful. His anecdotes were peppered with humor yet the principles were structured to help people remember their roles as partners to be successful in on of life's greatest endeavors- being parents (or being part of the village that raises children). There is no single formula for raising children well but Mr. Kong reminded us that nurturing a good relationship with them makes a whole lot of difference. This relationship will be the foundation for your child's security to celebrate their uniqueness and fuel them to chase their dreams despite the challenges ahead. -Teacher Kate, MIIS Faculty
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Internationalism @ MIIS: Our MIIS Global Leaders at Siem Reap, Cambodia! ... See MoreSee Less

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Internationalism @ MIIS: Our MIIS Global Leaders at Chiang Mai, Thailand! ... See MoreSee Less

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Happy Chinese New Year, dear MI Family! May everyone be prosperous and healthy all year round! ... See MoreSee Less

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We are happy to share the journey of one of our MIIS gymnasts, Marina Molito! Marina has been active in gymnastics for a while, and through grit and discipline, she has consistently shined in many competitions. She has recently participated in the 2nd Invitational Championship for Trampoline held in Singapore last December 3-4, 2016. Currently, there are no organized trampoline events in the Philippines/ Marina, with her constant practices and a strong vision for herself, she made it to the team finals and ranked 12 in the event. We are proud of you!

#MIISAthletes #MIIS #MIISFutureReady
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Preschool Head (Pre-K - K2)
Bela Pauline Inventor
Email: cp_head@mischool.edu.ph

Lower & Middle School Principal (Grades 1-8)
Francisco Manaois Jr.
Email: fmanaois@mischool.edu.ph
3rd floor, Elizabeth Hall, Katipunan Ave.,
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Upper School Principal (Grades 9-12)
Selene Sison-Olvido
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