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Parents are our true partners in their child's education.  Parents are welcome at the school at any time of the day, with ongoing communication forming the cornerstone of our parent-teacher partnership. We Provide:

* Parent-Child Interaction Activities 
* Parent Education Seminars on Relevant Topics
* “Yaya” Seminars to Secondary Caregivers

Our teachers practice a curriculum of caring as the children develop positive self-esteem and self-control through respect and gentle guidance.  Positive Communication and Discipline guides teacher-child interaction. Teachers implement strong educational practice based on research and are kept abreast with current trends through our continuous Teacher Training Programs. Teachers are also trained for First Aid and CPR.

  • Life Skills
  • Core Values
  • Personal Intelligences

The M.I. Smart Start Program is a comprehensive school reform program that transforms practice of schools and day care centers, into Multiple Intelligence schools embodying best developmental and progressive practice.  The M.I. Smart Start Program provides training and consultation to schools who want to undergo educational reform.

After a decade of service to children, in 2005, the Multiple Intelligence International School launched the "M.I. Kids Can: For Kids, By Kids!" Movement! It is a movement that empowers children with the understanding that with their intelligences they can make a difference!

KIDS CAN! Be Responsible Entrepreneurs!

KIDS CAN! Publish books that Matter!

KIDS CAN! Advocate for a Zero Waste Campus!

KIDS CAN! Advocate for Indigenous Music!

KIDS CAN! Use Art to touch lives!

M.I. gives recognition to outstanding Filipinos who have used a particular intelligence in ways that have made a difference in the lives of their fellow Filipinos.

M.I. First Awardees: (L-R)
             Coke Bolipata (Musical),
Von Hernandez (Naturalist), 
             CJ de Silva (Spatial), 
Pres. Corazon Aquino (Interpersonal), 
             Dr. Howard Gardner, Mary Joy Canon-Abaquin, 
             Lisa Macuja (Bodily Kinesthetic), 
Queena Lee-Chua (Logical- Math),              
and representatives of :
             Cheche Lazaro (Linguistic) 
Dr. Alendry Cavilles, Jr ( Intrapersonal)

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